T. H. Cayne - Painter, writer
Submitted short story "FLATLINER" (8pp.) (October 2014).
Swordfish Productions
Birth of graphic art movie production house "Swordfish Productions" (September 2014). See also Swordfish Productions Vimeo page.
The End of Dandelions
Finished my novel "The End of Dandelions" (154pp.), and started to submit (September 2014).
The Jim Henson Movie Club
Short story (66pp.), now submitted.
Whore fuck anthology
Short story Whore fuck anthology (with additional photographs of Sasha Xiphias) is published by Horror Sleaze Trash. (June 2014)
Poems of Salvation
My book Poems of Salvation (poems & paintings) is published by Shoe Music Press! (March 2014)
Poem published in EveryDayPoets. (February 2014)
Pub triptic
A triptic (The poem/The artistic process/Aftermath) and a painting, published in Horror, Sleaze, Trash. (September 2013)